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Re: Master Socket and Networking

Ah, now thats making more sense. Thank you

So, going forward...I'm looking to order 2x mk4 filtered faceplates, one for each line coming in. I should then be able to simply connect my blue and blue/white wires of the Cat5 to the AB points on my side of the box. And these should in turn provide me with 2 new filtered data points where I actually need them. Without any real loss to performance.

am I understanding this correctly?

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Re: Master Socket and Networking

They will be UNfiltered rather than filtered. Broadband requires the unfiltered signal, it is the phone that has the filtered signal.

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Re: Master Socket and Networking

Oh really, I think this is where I'm getting confused. I was lead to believe that this would give me an already filtered broadband signal straight from the network, filtered of  noise.

Would i have to add another filter at the other end, wouldnt this effect the broadband signal?

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Re: Master Socket and Networking

The purpose of the filter is to prevent the broadband signal interfering with the voice signal, hence if you have a filtered master socket, broadband won't work at extension sockets wired from the filtered terminals 2&5 and require an unfiltered signal from the data extension terminals. Filtering does absolutely nothing with the broadband signal and is only required for phones.


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