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Master socket speed slower than extension

Hi there. 

Recently I moved my router from the dining room (phone extension) to the front of house (Master socket). I noticed the speeds drop significantly. Extension speeds were 28u/4.5d whereas the master socket speeds are a 22d/1.5u on a good day. 

I initially moved the router to allow me to run an Ethernet to my PlayStation to limit the amount of lag. The Ethernet has drastically helped but still get lag now and again with the internet is being used by someone else.  

I’m now wondering why the speeds are slower here? I thought master sockets were always the fastest. 

The faceplates are old style with no split in them. I’m interested in getting an engineer out to replace with the latest filtered faceplate and potentially terminate the extension line as this is no longer in use. 

will doing this recover some of the speeds previously lost? 

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Re: Master socket speed slower than extension

Do you have any other extension sockets?

there is something wrong with your wiring if you get a better connection speed when connected to an extension socket instead of the master socket

if you get openreach then I would expect a charge of £85 to change master and disconnect the extension. You would be cheaper and quicker to look in local paper and get a telecom engineer probably ex openreach

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Re: Master socket speed slower than extension

Thank you for the reply! 

There is only one extension socket in the house. Bizarre to think the wiring would be faulty as I don’t think it has been touched since the build! 

Looking at my local area of Aberdeen there doesn’t seem to be many ex bt engineers with good reviews kicking out. 
opeanreach it is! 

cheers, Alex 

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