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Mini connector light flashing

We have a BT miniconnector in our bedroom for the TV.  The power light has taken to flashing on and off for a few minutes in the middle of the night, most nights, and sometimes more than once.    This is supposed to indicate that the unit is 'resetting, synchronising or sleeping', and we are told to give it a few minutes and then it will stop.  Which it does, but meanwhile I have woken up.  If this is a normal function, why does it find it necessary to wake me up to tell me about it?  If not, what is wrong?  Either way, how do I stop it?  It's like having a small child all over again, but at least they grew out of it.

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Re: Mini connector light flashing

Hi @johnbaxendale welcome to the community and thanks for posting, it sounds like the mini connectors are going to sleep and that's a normal function and I'm sorry there is no way to stop it from happening. Would covering the light with tape help if it's the flashing thats disturbing your sleep?



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Re: Mini connector light flashing

Thanks, I’ve done that.  Why can’t they go to sleep quietly, like I do?  Why do they feel the need to wake me up and tell me about it?