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Missing Freeview channels

We seems to have lost several Freeview channels (including BBC 4HD). These channels are present on out TV but despite returning the You View box these channels are not listed.

I wondered if there should be any updates for the software?

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Re: Missing Freeview channels

I lost BBC4 HD a long time ago (along with CH4_7 HD). When I last asked about this I was told that it was likely that my signal strength was too good! I tried turning off the signal amplifier*, which dropped signal strength from 100%  to about 75% on the likes of BBC1 HD, then retuning but I couldn't get the channels back. I've not tried fitting an inline attenuator to see if that makes a difference - I don't really watch BBC4 or 4_7 very much so I've not had the incentive to do so.


* A peculiarity of my setup ... the TV is in another part of the room from where the aerial point lands, so I have some thin coax cable running through a channel in my floor (below the laminate) to another coax connector near the TV. As the cable is thin it is higher resistance, so I needed a signal amplifier when I had a VCR connected which looped through to the TV. I've just kept that setup since I've had the BT Youview box.

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