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Missing PBS America

Hello all

I am on the Mendip transmitter.

I retuned my box when prompted and no longer see PBS America in the BTTV guide.

I retuned the TV and it is still there on channel 91

Any suggestions why I no longer see it on the BTTV guide, and how to retrieve it?





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Re: Missing PBS America

Hi @deejay  sorry that you are missing the PBS channel since you retuned your Youview box. 

Try a reset of your Youview box and see if that fixes the problem. If not check out Missing Channels help page and see if that helps.

Post back and let us know how you get on.


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Re: Missing PBS America

Morning John

Thanks for the reply.

So far I have spoken to the helpdesk who did a remote reset. That didn't solve it.

Since then I have spoken to the Freeview helpdesk who suggested an aerial Out / aerial In retune. That didn't work.

I downpowered and repowered the box. No joy.

After an online chat with BT the fault has been logged for attention by a 'BT manager' .

All I have left to do now is check the cabling, which I can't see working 'cos the signal goes through the Youview box on the way to the TV. The channel appears OK on the TV, so the signal is being transmitted from Mendipt. For the sake of completeness I'll do it anyway.

I'll let you know how it goes.



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Re: Missing PBS America

Hi @deejay 

First I am nowhere near Mendip so don’t have any first hand experience of local conditions.

If I interpreted digital uk various documents on the 700ghz clearance events affecting Mendip on the 5 June  the frequency that the Com 8 mux transmits on was changed from (35 to 56) and a small power change applied. your issues with PBS America which is transmitted on the Com 8 mux then occurred .

Now you mention that your TV can receive PBS America. Does your TV a have a channel signal strength/quality display option within its menus and if so what value does the TV show that the signal level is for the PBS America channel , and how do those vaLues compare with those when the TV is receiving BBC 1 HD  ?


couple of other observations , PBS America content is available on the My 5 Player on the Bt Youview box so there is at least an alternative source for some of the content.

also I believe there are further vents on the Mendip transmitter scheduled for 19 June, those could affect other channels most likely I suspect those on the COM7 mux and probably related to the clearance events Digital Uk do list the Mendip  transmitter as one where there continues to be ongoing work that may affect reception.

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Re: Missing PBS America

Morning Zulu


Thanks for the reply

My TV does not have the facility to show signal strengths, so I can't compare levels.

I wasn't aware that PBS programmes were broadcast on the My 5 iplayer, but I normally record commercial TV broadcasts to skip through the adverts. Thanks anyway.

You're right about further changes at Mendip on June 19th. I await them with bated breath 🙂

Meanwhile, I have discovered that I have a friend on BTTV off the Mendip transmitter who has exactly the same problem. The fact that we can both receive PBS directly from Mendip implies (to me) that the problem is likely to be within the Youview box / system.

The promise of an escalation doesn't appear to have happened. There is no record of a fault being logged on  my BT account.





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Re: Missing PBS America

Afternoon all

I'm getting annoyed with this.

I have made four calls to the BTTV helpdesk, none of which have  resulted ina solution.

They don't seem to understand that this is an existing problem, and just  run through the script again.

I have raised a complaint about the poor service. The complaints department sent an acknowledgement saying

'Your question has been received. You should expect a response from us
within 24 hours.'

That was more than forty eight hours ago.

Is there any way to escalate this ?



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Re: Missing PBS America

One thing to note is that the Youview box has two tuners, and the incoming signal needs to split between both. If the signal is weak to begin with then this can cause issues. Hence why you were asked for the TV's signal strength. Another thing to remember is that both Com 7 & 8 will be switched off in the near future.

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