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Mobile Phone Upgrade

We have 3 mobile phones on contract with BT and one SIM only, all of which are due for upgrade within a month of each other. Having been prompted by BT to upgrade and offered comprehensive upgrade packages on them all, I began the process. The SIM only was straightforward and that completed online without issue. The next one, a handset upgrade, also completed online without issue. The third one, appeared to complete without issue online, but the email confirmation that arrived was for a SIM only deal, which was not what had been ordered and the fourth handset, despite having offered multiple upgrade options and taking me through the whole process, ended with a message saying 'there are no upgrade options available to this customer at this time', yet still when I went back to the home page they were showing? I phoned the call centre and was told that the customer file was corrupt. The incorrect order on the third phone was corrected by cancelling and transferring it to EE, since that was the only way it could be resolved. Not ideal, but did at least solve the problem. The fourth phone upgrade, now apparently can't take place because BT's internal credit scoring system won't allow it. I am within the upgrade window, always pay all four mobile bills, my broadband and landline bills in full and on time and the phone upgrade required is cheaper than my current deal, so there is no increase in financial liability. It would seem to me that the issue is one of volume, however what frustrates me is that the adviser is not only unable to process the upgrade, but can't say when they will be able to offer one - even though 4 days ago it was there. Despite the poor customer service, what frustrates me is the process is broken and there seems to be no way of escalating it in order to get it fixed. Can anyone help?

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