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Mobile Upgrade Issues - Mobile Not Showing in My BT

Hi all,

Hoping a Mod on here can jump in and help as I’ve not had any success over the phone.

I have BT Broadband and three separate mobile handsets on my account.

One of these mobile accounts is now within the final 90 days of its contract, so I am eligible to upgrade early - the only problem is this handset doesn’t show in my account!

I had issues 2 years ago when I last upgraded the handset this number - due to issues with BT’s backend, a Mod from here had to get involved and did some manual escalations to have the order processed. Since then this number hasn’t displayed in My BT, neither the app or webpage, but does show on my bills and has been paid for etc.

If any Mods are able to help, I need whatever done on the backend to have this number made visible in My BT so that I can upgrade the handset. I’ve tried explaining the issue on the phone, but I’ve not been able to get any progress.

Thanks for any help!

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Re: Mobile Upgrade Issues - Mobile Not Showing in My BT

Hi @carlycruickshank, sorry you are still having a problem with your Mobile accounts. The BT Mobile team should be able to upgrade you if the handset is available and we can't place any orders for BT Mobile.  Have they explained why you can't get the handset you've requested?



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