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Mobile devices knocks out Wifi to other devices

We've had an ongoing problem with our broadband line for some years.  We have a dated copper line from an exchanged that's not yet been fibre-enabled and we average around 6-8Mb if the line is stable.  We had an engineer out who kindly re-cabled from the telegraph pole node to a newly installed master socket as the old wire was around 30 years old apparently.  Date rate is showing a constant 9.72Mb but we've never had that either Wifi or Wired.

Since the engineer's visit, my mobile (Android) either kicks off EVERY other device off Wifi or reduces connection to unusable speeds (ie - 0.4Mb and below).  

Scenario: Streaming on, say, DisneyLife (all good), surfing the net on a laptop and streaming Sonos.  At this point my phone has its Wifi turned off.  As soon as I enable Wifi and connect to the same network, within seconds, all the streaming stops and the mobile itself has either no response ( app) or extremely slow.   If I then turn off Wifi to the mobile everything goes back to normal.

I've spoken to support for the android manufacturer and we've wiped the cache partition and rebooted the mobile and it's not made a difference.

We used to have an HH6, but have now been provided with an HH4 (more suited for our line type) and still the same scenario.  

BT have exhausted all they can do and says that the line is still reporting 9+ Mb their end.

My next port of call would be to factory reset the mobile, but trying to avoid that if possible.

Has anyone had this same situation at all?!  

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Re: Mobile devices knocks out Wifi to other devices

Is it only that specific mobile that causes the problem? Have you tried different mobiles?

have you split the 2.4/5ghz networks? 

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Re: Mobile devices knocks out Wifi to other devices

Hi imjolly, yes that was going to be my next solution.   I've also used a wifi scanner and moved the 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz channel away from our neighbours (we were literally using the same channels).  Cheers! 🙂 I'll post my results back on here..

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