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Mobile handset

I took out a Samsung s20 mobile on contract in December 2020

it was straight in a case with protector on and has never been dropped 

Ive noticed the sound is crackling and not very clear and also seems to repeat when on video. 

What do I do in regards to the device as it’s only 5mnths old. 

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Re: Mobile handset

The BT help pages have the following :



Yes, every BT Mobile handset has a warranty provided by the manufacturer. Check with them for more details.

Apple support

Sony support

Samsung support

Google support

Nokia support

Nexus support

If your handset breaks down, give us a call on 0800 800 150. We'll try to fix the problem as quickly as we can, ideally without you having to send the handset in for repair. If it does need to be repaired, we'll sort everything out for you.

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Re: Mobile handset

Although they are responsible for dealing with faulty goods for 6 months, retailers routinely try to fob customers off with the manufacturer's warranty. Which? give full advice here, the relevant paragraph being this:

If you don't reject the goods within the first 30 days, and find a fault within the first six months of possessing your faulty goods, you'll need to give the retailer a chance to make a repair or replacement. If that's unsuccessful, you can then ask for a refund.

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Re: Mobile handset

Thanks for the reply 


am I better contacting Samsung support then as it’s not a complete breakdown of the phone 

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Re: Mobile handset

I would tell BT that you want them to replace or repair it. I'm not an expert on consumer law but Which? are, and they advise in the link I posted that the onus is on you to prove an existing fault after 6 months, implying that before then the onus is on the retailer to prove that it's acquired damage.

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