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Monstrous new BT email upgrade

The new BT email upgrade is awful and is slow. I can't hover over a message to mark it as read, as I used to, I have to click on it. It then slowly opens. My contacts are changed - some flash up automatically when I've not used them for years and others which I use daily appear lower in the list. Others I've used regularly in the past no longer appear automatically. I used to click twice to open an email - now if I do that it opens a new different window and, again, takes longer to do it. In addition if I have email open on my laptop and check one on my phone - which for reading them is now much more convenient, it doesn't show as read, even when I refresh. And if I delete one on my phone to clear the inbox, I get a message on the laptop saying I've moved it from another device and to refresh but it doesn't. This may all sound trivial but it is driving me mad. Please change it back. It is much less user friendly. 

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

I just want to confirm that I agree with all you've said and hope that someone at BT is listening

I can't place the curser over an email address and confirm that it's from a genuine source and not a scammer

If I want to search for an email by word association I have to know which folder it's in where once a search picked up every possibility and identified the folder.

It's atrociously slow, and today I've found that attachments once downloaded can no longer be opened from the original email.

As I live abroad I must pay heavily to retain my email address but It's becoming less essential and  just moving to gmail may be a better option

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

I cannot believe what they have done to our email.  I pay for BT Premium Mail and I'm seriously wondering what the heck I am paying for after the upgrade yesterday.  All my folders have moved position in the list (and you cannot re-order it), even trying to reply to an email is a mess - a pop up window occurs which is so small you can't even see the line you are typing, let alone anything else, to enlarge it you have to enlarge it to whole screen size.  It takes for ever to move from, say, your Deleted Items folder to the Inbox.  In fact, I'm not even sure it's working.  I also use Outlook, but I'm now seriusly wondering if I'll ever use the on-line/web version.  I SERIOUSLY CANNOT BELIEVE ANYONE USER TESTED THIS NEW VERSION.  Totally surprised to see this from a professional company.

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

Also lost the facility to send a group email.....the upgrade has found very old contacts and has lost newer contacts.  Not happy.  Please let us know how to revert to old style.  my account is still good but husband's account is diabolical and I have wasted two hours this morning resending emails


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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

Yes, glad I'm not alone. I'm setting up a new email account elsewhere as we speak!
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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

Yes, you try to do something and it goes into freefall.
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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

yes, a lot of wasted time here too. I want the old version back
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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

I suspect you have been migrated from BTYahoo to the new BTMail system which is why you will be seeing the "new" BTMail webpage.

The webpage has been in existence since Dec 2018 and as BT are no longer having Yahoo manage BT email accounts  and migrated your email account away from the Yahoo email system onto the BTMail system I doubt it will be going back to the "old" version.

Apart from the slowness of the system, which would appear to be happening to some users accounts and apparently BT are aware of it and trying to resolve it, all the other complaints have already been posted about on previous threads so if you have a look through them you may find a solution to your particular problem(s) by changing a few settings.

One of the first things you should do is clear your browser's history and cookies. If it has the option, do this "from all time".

There are some of your "old" features no longer available because you are on a new email system and there are some new ones.

This link is about using the "new" BTMail which may assist you to navigate the new webmail.


This is another link with some "tips & Help". Some of them may no longer be relevant because BT have changed somethings since it was introduced due to the feed back and some glitches being ironed out.


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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

Thanks Distinguished Sage, will do


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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

I agree that this so called "upgrade" is a disastrous down-grade in many important aspects. Where have the tabs gone which enabled one to have several messages open at once and switch between them - very useful. As mentioned above there was a very important feature whereby if you hovered the mouse over the name of the sender you were able to see the details of the "true" address from which it had been sent. This great feature enabled one to identify spam which was attempting to imitate a genuine email address, many of these were from scammers imitating BT!! All in all this great improvement has managed to set back security and convenience by several years - well done BT