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Re: One-Click launch of emails has gone

I wonder if this is associated with the same problem I am experiencing. One click should open an email as you say, but doesn't - what I have found is a double click opens the email but in a totally new window. Most inconvenient & I don't like it. Hopefully these problems are linked. (Seems to me the BT mail has one problem after another, why on earth can't they produce a decent, workable email platform!).

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Re: cant open emails

Until two days ago it was possible to have a whole page of emails and to click on one with a single click and have it open in a full page so that in most cases the whole of the email is visible. But some bright spark decided that this was too easy. If you double click it opens, slowly, in another window. If you change the view you only see part of the email at the bottom of the page, requiring more clicks to see more.

The new system is bad enough - why make it even worse!

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Re: One-Click launch of emails has gone

I agree entirely with you about the inconvenience and the BT platform
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Contact list on emails

Since took over from Yahoo/Outlook emails, I have lost the automatic loading of contacts when forwarding emails. Typing in the first few letter of contacts does not work. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

Hi Everyone,

A number of you have reported that the One-Click Launch feature of BT Mail has stopped working.  

We’re really sorry for the inconvenience caused by this bug introduced in a recent release. We’ve prioritised getting this issue fixed and are aiming to roll this out this later this evening around 22:00.  We will let you know when that’s done.



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Re: cant open emails

Yes, I have had the same problem since two days ago where everything was working as I'd set it. Now in the "none" setting I have to double click on the message and it opens in a new minimised window in the web browser and not as previous in the email page. This can be maximised but is just an extra thing I don't need to do.

As above; Is there a known problem with this or is it something that has been changed. Either way, it's unwelcome.

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Re: One-Click launch of emails has gone

Until this fix arrives, why not change to one of the preview panes that shows each email contents?

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Re: One-Click launch of emails has gone

Yes, it is a nuisance. And the double-click opens it in a small window which has to be enlarged every time rather than being remembered by the computer.
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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

Thanks you, Matt.



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Re: One-Click launch of emails has gone

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