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Moving cabinet query

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Apologies if this is a rather simple question, but the current cabinet my phone line and broadband is not good. I've had 3/4 engineer visits in past 12 months and one of the BT Open reach engineers was rather candid and said the cabinet was in a bad state, and he'd recommended they replaced it. Engineers seem to be at the cabinet on at least a weekly basis ... 

Anyway, my phone line still has noise issues and the broadband speed is not brilliant (have BT Infinity account). Now, about 20 yards away (literally the other side of the road) there's a new BT Fibre cabinet. Is it possible for me to request my connection to be moved to that cabinet?? If so, how do I go about doing so. 

Grateful for any help. Just tried the online BT Chat and the advisor I had did not seem to quite grasp the issue I was asking about and directed me to the call centre, which is now closed. So keen to get an answer on here, if anyone is able ot assist. 


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Re: Moving cabinet query

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Openreach will not move you onto a different cabinet.

See link and in particular "There is another cabinet near me already accepting orders etc"

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Re: Moving cabinet query

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Not a chance of asking to be moved I'm afraid. Without re-arranging the whole of the underground cable network in your location it is impossible.

There is a slight chance that a network re-arrangement is planned, if that is the case your line may be moved but there is nothing you can do to influence that decision.

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