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Moving into new rented property


Next Saturday I am moving into a new rented property. The landlord previously used BT internet but has not been in the property since the end of last year so there is no existing contract. We are going to set one up but are confused about the landline situation - the landlord said he is not currently paying for a landline but, as BT internet existed in the property before then does one exist? He said he does not know the landline number - how would we be able to find this out? Would we be able to just ask for a new landline number?

Any help would be appreciated. We will be going for the Fibre 2 package.

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Re: Moving into new rented property

You don't need to know any of that information, just place an order. BT's records will be aware of what exists and what is required to provide your service.

Fibre 2 may not be available