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Re: NOW TV - buffering issues

It seems to be affecting all BT Youview boxes and not just the BT Youview 4k box as the mod posted above.

I was at my sisters a few weekends ago and the Now TV app worked fine on her Samsung 4k Smart TV using my BT log in.

Also you cant always just pause and rewind the stream if you are watching live TV via the Now TV app on a Youview box in the bedroom.

I dont always seem to get the problem if I watch a programme on Sky box sets or Sky Cinema on demand using the Now TV app on the Youview boxes.

Box in living room I watch live Now TV via the EPG.



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Re: NOW TV - buffering issues

I'm having same/similar issue.

I read in an earlier post that BT might be tardy in addressing this owing to small number of customers reporting it.

So I am adding to the small number. I imagine there are hundreds unaware of the boards here who tolerate the issue.

I notice it watching Now TV Entertainment on Samsung Smart TV, Humax box. Everything is vanilla though I use extenders rather than ethernet.

Problem doesn't appear when I watch through the TV'S own menu system.

That's it. My days of crawling around on the floor with cables is over by the way. ( An unnecessary comment perhaps but having listened too often to telephone instructions about slow internet, unavailable programs etc I thought I should preempt any well-intentioned help which included the need for Pilates and yoga skills).

Full fibre 900 still streaking down the line at 120. Cheers all and stay safe.

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Re: NOW TV - buffering issues

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to provide an update on the buffering issue that some customers are facing. NOW TV and YouView are working to fix the buffering issue.  At the moment, I don’t have a timescale for when this issue will be resolved.  The issue is a complex one and as soon as I know more, I will post an update here on this thread.

In the meantime, to temporarily resolve this issue, please pause the stream and then restart it. This should fix the buffering.

Thanks for your patience while this is looked into and I am sorry for any inconvenience caused.



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Re: NOW TV - buffering issues

Thanks for the update Sean. I’m glad it has been recognised as a problem and being addressed. I’ve had this problem since I took out the service. Everything works great except with the Now TV app which will buffer every time after about 45 minutes. As you say, stop and start resolves it, but very frustrating. Unfortunately, I’m not going to hold my breath as Now TV are very slow with software releases - many annoyed Apple TV users are waiting for the latest release because the current app is 720 and not 1080! So, you may need to nag them Sean!

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Re: NOW TV - buffering issues

I got the latest software update two days ago, and since then have watched two programmes on 'catch up' without buffering....looks good so far!!

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Re: NOW TV - buffering issues

I still got the problem  on my 4k box still bt have not got a fixs dated yet for when it will be fixs yet 

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Re: NOW TV - buffering issues

Man City v Liverpool today certainly the acid test as far as eliminating server load as part of the problem. Got the fix last week on my T2100 and the coverage has not missed a beat so far coming up to half time.

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Re: NOW TV - buffering issues

have streamed around six hours of 'on demand' material with no buffering so far....

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Re: NOW TV - buffering issues

I have recently take the Now Entrainment package as part of keeping Bt Sport !

the buffering issue is 4 months down the line with now solution ! It is not acceptable that Bt continue signing customers to this package knowing it is not working correctly through the BT tv box !  No time factor no updates since August just goes to show how important it is ?

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Re: NOW TV - buffering issues

I still occasionally get buffing while watching on demand/Sky Box Sets.

I have the Big Entertainment package with HD add on.


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