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Need Advice Please

I had to Move house (not my desicion) bringing my BT fibre with me / ended up giving the guy on the phone a chance with his sales package deals and accepted his offer of upgrading the package to now include TV + BT Sports, didn't need it as already have sky but thought I'd have it in another room. When doing the deal I basically just thought it would be fine swap my deal over the direct debit would stay the same? As my bank details haven't changed, but I guess I was wrong. I accepted the deal and had it installed. Had to go away on business for a while thinking nothing of it the DD would be active as all of them always are? I get back to find my DD we activated (?????) And over 10 letters with the final one being service cancelled and please pay x amount. Anything I can do to just get my old service back and active and pay what I thought should of been paid from my DD 🤔🤯


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