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Re: DLM Reset on my line

Gonna buy a 3rd one soon
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Re: DLM Reset on my line

Ment to say 3rd party one
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Re: DLM Reset on my line

@Mattlisa81 wrote:
Every bt hub I've used does it m8 u find it's a big problem I have bt hub 4 5 and smart hub 1 and smart hub 2 sitting in my draw all do same resets same time every few nights

I have used the HH4/5 SH6 and current SH6(2) and have never had the problem of the hub resetting/dropping connection every few days  I did have the '14 days' reset problem which has now stopped and get 50 days + stable conenction  I suggest you have a conenction problem if you are dropping connection every couple of days

look forward to your DLM update

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