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Re: Nest WiFi and IPv6

My firmware has not updated yet but as of right now I have an IPv6 connection!

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Re: Nest WiFi and IPv6

Good to know I'm not alone!

However, I rebooted my nest router over the weekend and lost my ipv6 assignment, so it seems we may intermittently get an ipv6 assignment, but not always.  Shame there's no easy way to identify why sometimes it does or does not

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Re: Nest WiFi and IPv6

Mind boggling that some get it and some don't. Even weirder that it works intermittently - maybe that'd point more in BT's direction afterall.

For reference there was no difference with a managed switch in between the ONT and Nest Router. Also no movement on the firmware update, seems to be rolling out very slowly starting with the States. If it's like other Google rollouts we might not get it for a few weeks...

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Re: Nest WiFi and IPv6

My Nest WiFi updated firmware last night and the IPv6 is no longer enabled.  This may not be down to the FW upgrade as we know it flaps on and off regardless.

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Re: Nest WiFi and IPv6

So after some more digging I think the traffic from the ONT is in fact tagged. The managed switch needs configuring to remove tags, but I can't get it working. 

There's this post that seems to make sense. A lot of posts here mention using a VLAN ID of 101 for compatibility, so I tried that, with P1 (ONT WAN) set as tagged under VLAN ID 101, P2 as VLAN ID 101 but untagged, and the remaining three ports on VLAN 1 untagged.

However the router doesn't see a PPPoE connection available. Something's not translating correctly.

It's a bit above my understanding of networking, but I think if I can crack it, it will get around the issue. I'll try again tomorrow!

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Re: Nest WiFi and IPv6

The internal traffic is not tagged. 

I mirrored the ONT WAN port via the managed switch and inspected some packets using Wireshark. 

Any tagging occurs between the ONT and Openreach network to allow you on to their VLAN. 

The ultimate issue seems to go back to Nest/Google’s poor implementation of PPPoE authentication, specifically in regards to its compatibility with dual stacked auth (ie IPv4 and IPv6). They had previously disabled IPv6 over PPPoE previously due to issues, so it seems like it’s still problematic. 

I noticed whilst messing around last night that my points recognised there was an update. The status page changed to indicate it was downloaded, which eventually vanished. I couldn’t manually trigger the update, but at some point overnight it was installed. 

Since then, there is a new item on the status page that mentions VlanScan. Not sure what this pertains to, but I’m hoping it’s a way to detect whether there are tags locally, which will allow support to tell what your exact issue is. 

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Re: Nest WiFi and IPv6

Well, looks like they flat out do not support IPv6 on PPPoE connections. 

See this twitter thread. 

I guess it’s a case of if it works, great, if not, you’re on your own. 


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Re: Nest WiFi and IPv6

When I was still dealing with Google support a few weeks back, I asked the tech about some comments I'd seen about Google disabling ipv6 on pppoe connections.  He advised that this may be the case for Google WiFi (1st Gen), but not for Nest WiFi (2nd gen).  That Twitter feed seems pretty concrete, but may just be referring to Google WiFi and not Nest WiFi

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Re: Nest WiFi and IPv6

My ticket with Google is still open.  Right now I have IPv6 working.  There is no need to do anything re VLAN tagging, as with FTTC at least the tagging is on the WAN side.  It just isn't sticking, sometimes IPv6 is on, other times I look and it is off.


network_service_state {
  network_service_feature {
    upnp: true
    bridge_mode: false
    ipv6: true
    traffic_acceleration: true
  dns {
    dns_type: AUTOMATIC
  ipv6_state {
    non_temporary_address_received: false
    prefix_delegation_received: true
    allow_on_ap: true
  ipv6_config {
    enabled: true
    prefix: "2a00:23c5:223e:7e00::"
    prefix_length: 56
    source: "user"
    mode: "prod"
  router_configuration {
    ip_address: ""
    net_mask: ""
  wan_configuration {
    type: PPPOE
    static_configuration {
      ip_address: ""
      netmask: ""
      gateway: ""
    pppoe_configuration {
      username: "*****************************"


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Re: Nest WiFi and IPv6

Sorry for dragging up an old thread but did you ever get this resolved with BT or Google?

I've had Nest Wifi and Google Wifi for a while but always connected it via my smart hub, now I have FTTP I can connect it direct with the ONT but was disappointed to see ipv6 was unsupported 😞

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