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Network Map question-connected devices -Advanced settings

Hi - HH6 / Whole Home set up.  4 Discs, first by ethernet to router. 

After some assistance/ explanation as to why majority (19)  of my families devices show as connected by ethernet /Port X  but  3 only by wifi  on the router itself. Only way I can "see " these 3 is in advanced settings/address table  -"IPV6 devices"(along with 4 others that appear in IPV4 & 6 tables) They dont show under "my devices". 

I can  sort of understand the "ethernet" connection, but why 3 specifically showing as wi-fi? ( PC /IPAD & IPHONE) - surely all devices would be? 

All devices are connected fine by wi-fi and and all appear visible in the Whole Home App network Map.  

Could this be related to these 3 devices being used during set up / network administration ( via App) 


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