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Re: New BT Mail - a learning curve which is shaped like a pixilated picture of spaghetti

Thank you, I will spend some time trawling through the discussion when I get some time.  I only got my new updated email software a couple of days ago, and didn't realise how difficult it would be to send my first email.. I needed to send a reply to someone very quickly, and it was SO frustrating. Maybe I posted in haste, rather than ploughing through the useful replies interspersed with so many arguments..

We're creatures of habit, and learning anything new takes time. But I fail to see that most of the changes will save time or make things easier: it feels like swimming through treacle. I can't even see your message as I write this reply, so I'm sorry if I've failed to respond to any of your comments. I could open a new tab to check... but ought to get on with other things...

Apologies too if this is strewn with typos like my first entry - I have checked this one with the same diligence that I would have checked my initial entry... does BT use one of my earlier entries that it's autosaved? Maybe I ought to wait until a new autosave, after making corrections to this.  I'll use the preview option before posting.

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Re: New BT Mail - a learning curve which is shaped like a pixilated picture of spaghetti

To message 97, I share your pain!
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Re: New BT Mail - a learning curve which is shaped like a pixilated picture of spaghetti

While many users may not want to hear this, the best solution is to use an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird. 

This collects your email from the BT servers and you do not need to log onto webmail via a web browser. As well as not being tied to the User Interface that BT put on their mail web page and which can be changed at any time by BT, you get no adverts, can have as many different folders as you want, formatted emails they way you want ect etc.

If you use a smartphone or tablet and collect your email on them by using an email app, an email client is exactly the same.

If you set it up as an IMAP account, it will synchronise with the BT servers and as long as your devices are all set up with IMAP they will all be synchronised to replicate what is on the BT servers so if you send an email on one device it will show as being sent on all the others.

It is the correct tool for the job unlike webmail which was only developed to allow your ISP to sell advertising space. 

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Re: New Email Layout

I agree,absolute rubbish and as i am partially sighted it is so difficult to read etc....will have to investigate options
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New email format

Without notice my email page has changed. I could not access any email.  Two chat 'helpers' ended chat ,the next said he would get a manager to ring me between 10 and 12  ' the next day'.     It was 7.30 pm and he said he had lots of complaints and could do nothing.  I have phoned two different numbers this morning to ask them to reinstate my old format,they said they cannot. My husband has terminal cancer and I rely on messenger to keep in touch with my sister abroad.  30 years with BT. I am furious.  There was no warning of change.     Just been told that I will get used to it.

How dare they.  I have emailed the CEO Mr Philip Jansen but cannot be sure my email has been sent.!!!

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Re: New BT Mail Layout

Were you able to get old settings back. I got this new page for emails and hate it.
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Re: New BT Mail Layout

Kelpie. No. My main email address is still the old style but my husband and I have other addresses all of which are now in the new style. None of them has anything in settings to change it from new to old.
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Re: New BT Mail Layout

@clockworkdwarf wrote:

New Email layout is complete rubbish.The headings are so dim i can just about see them and i am also partially sighted.There is hardly a difference in new emails and read emails too so this needs to be addressed.Also friends agree that the new system is a lot slower and life i thought was stay in the easy fast lane.As my street is mainly on Virgin and it is wired in to my hse my options are there.....So lets get back to the old EMAIL FORMAT and and stop someone trying to justifing his/her job 

Hi @clockworkdwarf ,

Thanks for the post and welcome to our Community.  I am very sorry to hear that you are struggling with the new web mail interface.  I appreciate you taking the time to post here to let us know what you think.  

I have spoken to our product team, specifically about the options available for customers who's eye sight is not quite what it used to be Smiley Happy  They have let me know that there is an accessibility option which may improve your experience in terms of making things a bit clearer.  To access the accessibility option, just continually press that 'Tab' key (usually located above the 'Caps lock' key on your keyboard).  A message will be displayed offering you to change options.  I have just tested it from my own account and it does make the headings more prominent.  Give it a go to see if its any better


Welcome to the Community.  The product team have also confirmed that they are currently looking at a solution for making it clearer as to read and unread emails.  I dont have a timescale I can share but this is being looked at so hopefully in the near future you will notice an improvement.



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Re: New BT Mail Layout

Hello,Thank you for response.    No I have not been able to get it back and I am furious.     There was no warning,no opt out.I emailed the CEO  and a very nice gentleman phoned me yesterday and apologised.   He did halve my telephone bill ,as he said I do not make evening calls.    I have minimal computer skills and this has made using emails and messenger very time consuming and difficult.   It has not' enhanced my experience' as the advert said.    I feel as if someone has invaded my private place in my house.

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Re: New BT Mail Layout

Hello,Thank you for reply.I am furious.   All this General Data Protection Regulation rubbish.I feel that my personal data has been invaded.   There was no notice of this and no opt out.  I have been with BT for 30 years and feel extremely let down.     Regards, Kelpie1