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Re: Recent 2020 email changes

Did BT upset Yahoo or did Yahoo upset BT, we`ll never know. The new system is broken

I have even tried adding my BT email account to Yahoo (the web mail we were using) guess what it supports the main providers but not BT.

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Re: Recent 2020 email changes

“We do not like change “
I remember years ago at work being told “ the only thing that’s constant is change”.

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Re: Recent 2020 email changes

Wasn't Yahoo badly hacked in 2013?

I don't expect that did much for any arrangements they had with BT.

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Re: Recent 2020 email changes

I was doing some Googling to try and find if a TV Licence e-mail was genuine.

It was using using a domain name of Btinternet.Com which often comes with scam messages.

Anyhow, I chanced upon Trust Pilot reviews for BT and the e-mail changes while using the dodgy looking domain name in the search.

A quick glance at the entry in Trust Pilot showed that there  a lot of unhappy people dishing out 1-star ratings for BT specifically for changing the e-mail layout and with entries with very recent dates.

So apart from the unhappiness expressed on this forum thread, BT hasn't done itself a power of good in other company review circles.

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Re: Recent 2020 email changes

Thanks for the information.  Will check out Trust Pilot

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Re: Recent 2020 email changes

Interesting I don't think I've seen such a bad Trust Pilot entry in all the time I've been using it myself.

I wonder what the BT staff think of such a damning set of figures. BT seems to have claimed the thread I used and thankfully does not encourage review entries but to be honest they probably would not want to direct people to this area.

Sadly I worked for BT some years back now and have a shed full of shares in the company - the removal of the dividend recently was a bit of a blow but they will recover I feel.

@SeanD , I assume BT is aware of the trust pilot reviews at present, its not a good picture do you know if BT has plans in place to even engage with TP considering that 90% bad is not a great situation even during these tough times.  

Reading more of these bad reviews starts to get very depressing. If some of them are true representations then It's worse than I thought. Ok so Covid is challenging everyone and I don't doubt it makes things very difficult for most companies but some of the stories I've read so far do not describe a BT I used to work for. (I did not work in CS rather in engineering and digital services but if I still worked there I might be sending the CEO a pertinent question or two. I just am thankful that many of the issues I suffer with my BT services are very easy for me to analyse and target the necessary areas)

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Re: Recent 2020 email changes

I did send the CEO a question or two , even posted his email address on here but it was removed ( wrist slapped ) and one of his apologetic minions replied with political waffle....

As for the share price , now is the time to buy...they can't get any worse...or can they?


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Re: Recent 2020 email changes


I did wonder if some of the entries were from contributors on here, but for anyone to get this far or Trust Pilot, then I guess they are pretty fed up.

These latest entries in TP must be from a recent batch of users being "upgraded".

The sad bit is that as far as I can see, BT cares little about it's image and certainly can't be bothered to take up the criticism on TP like other large companies - a certain partner owned department store is fairly quick to respond.

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Re: Recent 2020 email changes

Yes, it is rather puzzling that a company supposedly proud of its brand image and reputation appears to turn a blind eye to the huge number of complaints and bad reviews posted here and on Trust Pilot.  Not even an acknowledgement that things may not be right and they will investigate and respond.

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Re: Recent 2020 email changes

The problem with BT is that quite a few of those who work in it have no recognisable owners to answer to and because of that and as long as it returns a healthy profit they can take their wages whilst sitting on their backside expending as little effort as possible in the process...............over charged customers are just a means to a wage packet, why bother giving them a pleasurable or enjoyable product, it has become the Motorway Service station of ISPs..shoddy.

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