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New BT Mail

Just set up new BT Mail. All previous emails were in my inbox. I logged out then returned later. Now my inbox is completely empty. Sent myself a new email from another account. It appeared in my inbox. I opened it and read it ok. Logged out then back in again. Message had gone. What's going on? I appear to have lost every email sent to my talk21 address (which I have had for a very long time!). Not impressed. 

Fortunately I have been using Outlook for accessing mail so they are still on that but after setting up the talk21 account on my phone too, no emails were present in my phone inbox.

Also, mail forwarding to another address doesn't appear to work either.

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Re: New BT Mail

Are you a current BT broadband customer or do you pay for premium mail?

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Re: New BT Mail

If  emails are disappearing from your inbox without you deleting them then one of your devices must be setup for POP3, you will need to find which device, backup the emails which have vanished from the server (they will most probably be on the machine set for POP3), delete the account from that machine and set it up again as IMAP.

Edit: This may explain it a bit clearer

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Re: New BT Mail

Yes I have checked my old computer and it is set up with outlook as a POP3 server. I have deleted the account and set it up again as an IMAP. Hopefully it will work ok in future. Thanks for your advice.

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Re: New BT Mail

Regarding your Outlook email client that had been set up as a POP3 account. This would only be the cause of your emails being deleted IF the POP3 account had been set up and the box " leave a copy on the server" had not been ticked.

I don't use Outlook so can not say for sure about it but most email clients have that box ticked by default and in any event if things had previously been OK in as much as your emails were not previously going missing from your inbox, the email client would not have "unticked" the box by its self. In fact nothing on the email client would have changed without your intervention.

Again I can not say with Outlook but it is possible that if your POP3 account had the box unticked, your missing emails would be in the "Trash" folder when you logged onto your email account via webmail (on a browser). Have you checked to see if they are there?

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Re: New BT Mail

I can confirm as an Outlook user that if the " leave a copy on the server" box is NOT ticked, mail that has been downloaded to the Outlook Inbox is moved to the webmail trash folder (much to my annoyance and against the principles of POP3 I may add).

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Re: New BT Mail

Have just tested a POP3 account on the new mail system, and that behaves as I would expect rather than as the BTYahoo system did. I.e, if " leave a copy on the server" is not ticked the mail is deleted from the server rather than moved to trash.

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Re: New BT Mail


Trying to ascertain if it is a webmail problem or if it is they way you had Outlook set up.

Were your email always available on both Outlook and webmail regardless of which one you opened first? If they were it would suggest that the "leave a copy on server" was ticked.

After your move to BTMail when you checked your emails on webmail were they able to be found on Outlook?

If you checked on Outlook before opening webmail and the emails were there, were the emails on webmail when you later checked there?


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Re: New BT Mail

When I first set the new mail up and logged in all my previous mails were there (years and years of them) but as I was scrolling down the list I got an error and was told to refresh the screen. When I did this all my emails disappeared. I sent a couple of emails to the talk21 address and they appeared in the inbox. They also appeared on my I phone which I had added the account to.  I logged off and when I logged back in again the messages were not there and they were deleted from the iPhone too. Went to my old computer which had outlook loaded and receiving mail still and realised it was set up as a Pop3 server so I deleted the account and set it up as an imap account. From then on non of my emails disappeared from the BT login page or my iPhone. However outlook will send emails through talk21 but will not receive them. No big deal as I have them on my phone now. It would be nice to recover my inbox full of past mail but they are definitely not in the trash folder so I don’t know where they are. Maybe a bug in the new software?

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Re: New BT Mail

They will still be on your old computer as a .PST file. Deleting the POP3 account wouldn't have deleted the file, just the account within Outlook.

You can restore the data file on Outlook as follows. This is for Outlook 2010 but other versions will be similar.

Click on File > Account settings  and choose the Data files tab. Click on 'add' and it should open a windows explorer window in the right location where your .PST file is stored. If it is there, just highlight it and click on OK, if it is not there just do a search for .PST files and navigate to the right location. The file should now appear in the left hand pane of Outlook along where you can expand it to show the Inbox.

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