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Re: New BT Mail

Thank you for your advice but all my emails from many years ago are still on my outlook program are still there but are gone from my btinternet page. I just think there was something wrong in the new software when I migrated to the new version. Part of my annoyance is that I have had a talk21 email address for a very long time almost at the beginning of email communication (I used to have a compuserve version account too) and this  email address was the first time that your name could be your email address. All my family still have *.*@talk21 email addresses. 

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Re: New BT Mail

Ok this is what you do. If you have followed my instructions in my previous post and now have the data file in Outlook, simply create your email as an IMAP account and then drag and drop the old Inbox from the data file as a sub folder of the new IMAP account (you could rename it Old mail or whatever if you wish) the folder will then sync to the BT servers and will be available on the Btinternet page..

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