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New FTTP install question

HI all

FTTP went live in my street this week and I have booked my install.

I live in a relatively new build property (4 years old) but unfortunately the developers thought it was a good idea to install the main BT connection into the property at the front door rather than in the cupboard under the stairs where the the meters and fuse boards are. 

There is a second phone socket behind my TV in a multi-plate type setup where satellite, tv ariel, phone and power sockets all sit. This is where my current router sits and connects to the phoneline from. 

This multi-plate sits on an internal wall while the main BT phoneline sits on an external wall with a BT duct leading to the connection externally. 

I'm assuming that with FTTP the connection in to the house will have to be set up beside the main BT phoneline connection at the front door and won't be able to be setup beside the secondary phone line on the multi-plate?

If this is the case, will the installing engineer be able to use the copper line going from the main BT box to the multi-plate to connect Cat5 at the multi-plate end and fish this back through to the main box in order that the router doesn't need to sit at my front door?

We have little to no space at the front door and a Deco Mesh setup that is hard wired in to our current router that sits beside the multi-plate so really need the new router to be located in the same position.


Any advice would be welcome. 

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Re: New FTTP install question

The ONT (optical modem) will need to be sited on an external wall, probably adjacent to where your copper line is. The router can be sited anywhere as long as there is an Ethernet connection back to the ONT. You will be responsible for providing any Ethernet connection to a router not sited adjacent to the ONT.

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Re: New FTTP install question

Thought that may be the case which leaves a massive issue for me as I have my router, Deco mesh and an 8 port switch setup for various hard wired connections at my TV/multi-plate.

Is an engineer likely to give the fishing a go if I ask or will it be a straight no?
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Re: New FTTP install question

You can ask, but I'm not exactly sure what it is you are asking. Not sure why you can't do what you want the engineer to do yourself.

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Re: New FTTP install question

There are 2 phone lines in my house.
Main box at front door with RJ11 connection.
Second box on multi-plate in living room with RJ11 connection. I'm assuming this is a spur from the main box.

My current FTTC router is connected to the second box with router, mesh and 8 port switch all hard wired in same location.

There will be a copper cable that connects from the main box at front door to the secondary box on the multi-plate.

If the wiring is disconnected behind the secondary box, CAT5 cable can be connected to the disconnected cabling and pulled through to the main box at the front door.
This would give a CAT5 connection from the ONT through to where the second box is now and would allow me to set up the router where I need it to be.

Not sure BT or an engineer would be happy for me to prod about in the back of the main box in order to disconnect the feed and attempt to pull through the cable.
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Re: New FTTP install question

That wiring is entirely your responsibility and has nothing to do with Openreach. The whole point of the master socket is to provide a demarcation point where customers provide their own wiring. The external Openreach wiring is wired to the backplate and the extension wiring is wired to the customer accessible front plate. Just carry out the work yourself once the install has completed.

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Re: New FTTP install question

When you say you have 2 phone lines in the house, I am assuming you mean that you have 2 phone sockets on the same phone line rather than 2 completely separate lines with different numbers.

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Re: New FTTP install question


I'm assuming the 2nd box is a spur in the same way as you'd spur from an electrical socket.
Cable from main box to 2nd box that connects the back plate from the main box to a back plate on the 2nd box?

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Re: New FTTP install question

Then,  as I said previously, that is your responsibility to do with as you wish. If you unscrew the frontplate of the master socket you will see that the extension wiring is connected to that.

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Re: New FTTP install question

OK. Thanks very much.

Nothing I can do at the moment as this is my current live internet connection so will need to wait until after install to see if I can pull the Cat5 through to the master socket.
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