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New Feature - Multiple SSID

Good Morning,

One obvious missing feature for the BT home hub is the ability to have multiple SSID's

With WIFI now being a integrated into everything the ability to welcome Multiple SSID's and possibly some additional management features would be helpful.

For example

Work SSID - could be used by mum and dad 

School SSID - used by children for their school work

Home SSID - used for CCTV, smart home devices etc

Streaming and Gaming SSID - used for Sky, Xbox Samrt TV's etc


If multiple SSID were available then a further step would be to be throttle each SSID either by % or give it a priority.

So school and Work SSID would be given priority during the day - where as the others would be low priority and possibly throttled 


Just an idea for your next Smart Hub or can you upgrade the current firmware to allow multiple SSIDs



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Re: New Feature - Multiple SSID

and if you want to split the 2.4/5ghz networks that would double the number of SSID from the one hub!

sorry but can't think why BT would entertain this   if you want to control access by group then buy a third party router with these features

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Re: New Feature - Multiple SSID

ISP supplied routers are cheap and cheerful devices with minimal functionality for the mass market, ISPs are not in the business of supplying costly features that would only be of interest to a very small percentage of their user base. If you want whistles and bells, you need a third party router.

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