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No Free Gift / Contract changed


I’ve not received any email to do with Free gift or Reward card?

Also BT for some reason didn’t activate my landline the day the engineer came out to sort the internet even though 2 engineers came out. Since then I’ve had a call saying my landline can go through fibre which  I agreed to but now my contract has gone from 24 months which I signed up for to 18 months when I track my order?

A lot of messing round to start of with.

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Re: No Free Gift / Contract changed


You will receive the email 30 days after your service has been active. This will allow you to claim your free gift.

If you were also offered a reward card, this needs to be claimed, as its not sent automatically.

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Re: No Free Gift / Contract changed

Thanks Keith,

What do I do about my contract term changing from 24 months to 18 without being told? 

This something I need to call up and discuss about ?


thank you

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Re: No Free Gift / Contract changed

First speak to customer services on 0800 800 030 and see what they say.

If you do not get a satisfactory explanation, then post back here, and a moderator can be asked to look at it, but that could take a while, as they are very busy.

Are you now on FTTP, with a unit like this on the wall, as that would be fibre direct to your house?

new ONT.jpg


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Re: No Free Gift / Contract changed

Hi Keith,

How about make clear that 'this needs to be claimed within 3 months'.

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Re: No Free Gift / Contract changed


I am just a customer and do not work for BT.

I suggest you contact BT direct, if you have a complaint.

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