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No Openreach connection for 3 months


I moved into a new build house at the beginning of February 2018. I tried to order BT fibre broadband but eventually found out I couldn’t because there was a connection issue. I received a text to say I would be connected by 4th April.

In March I received a text to say I was fully connected and could order my broadband package despite never seeing an engineer visit my house. I ordered the package and hooked up the router but there was, as expected, a connection issue. I rang BT to find that nobody had been out to the property and that I wouldn’t be connected now till 5th April.

A Bt engineer arrived on 5th April to activate my connection but couldn’t because openreach haven’t fitted an external box connecting the fibre outside to the cabling inside. I should add the internal box was fitted before I moved in.

I keep trying to get an answer out of openreach as to when they will sort out the connection only to be told I will be updated 5 working days later. I don’t even think they have had an engineer out to look at the issue. What makes it worse is that my neighbour has had the same issue, albeit they moved in in December, and they had their external box fitted last week!

Has anyone been through anything similar and can give any advice? I have asked BT to raise a complaint but a doubt that will get anywhere. I also work occasionally from home so I’m having to fork out for extra mobile data.

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