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No bill since January

Since January, my bill is showing as 0.

As per VOL013-********* I have changed the billing address and still not received a bill.

I have no idea what the outstanding amount is and I do not want to be lumbered with an even larger bill a few months from now.

I cannot get through via the phone line and the bill is only getting larger.



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Re: No bill since January

No matter which address, you should log on to MyBT and check your bill there. MyBT doesn't care which address applies and works on your account number.

It is presumed you are awaiting a bill in the post? Better to set up email billing advice.

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Re: No bill since January

My amount owing since 20th January is 0 on MyBT.

This has been an ongoing issue for months.



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Re: No bill since January

Hi @chocsal, if the bill is being produced for £0 this would indicate there is a product usually a rental phone or equipment that we're no longer charging  you for still but it will still be listed on your account which unfortunately prevents a final bill being produced. Due to the current crisis our queues are really busy but I'm confident you won't be lumbered with a massive bill as this is quite a common occurrence. If you don't mind leaving it a couple of weeks and contact us back at a quieter time we'll be able to sort this for you. 

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Re: No bill since January

Hello NeilO

This is not regarding a cancellation or change of service.

This is regarding an active line that has been in place for a while now.

I can wait a few weeks, I just do not need late bill charges or legal paperwork arriving.

I was charged last year due to bills not being posted.



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Re: No bill since January

Hi @chocsal thanks for posting back but as Neil says if your account is £0.00 then you do not need to worry about late payment charges or chasing up for payment. If things are the same in a few weeks and hopefully things will be a bit quieter then and we will be happy to help you find out why you are not getting billed.


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