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Not such goodwill to all men.

I'm an old man who has just received not so good health news.  Having been on BT Basic for some years now it occured to me that as I will shortly become housebound I should be on Unlimited rather than the 15GB of BT Basic.

After browsing BT's and others' packages today, I decided on BT's  Superfast Fibre and phoned to order it, and hopefully at the same time - seeing as I was staying with BT and that Talk Talk were doing essentially the same package at £8 cheaper - get something of a discount.

To cut a long story, the answer was no. The only package she could offer me was the Superfast Fibre at the price stated.  When I suggested maybe the cheaper version of this, the Superfast Fibre Essential, would be good enough for my needs I was again told no, this is an online only package.  

So I went online to order it.  I was about to enter payment when I got a window saying I can't place an online order (for anything I assume) because I'm with BT Basic. Grrrrr.

So rather than getting maybe even a small reduction, which I would have been pleased with, I can't even get on a cheaper BT online deal than the one stipulated. Yes, I appreciate how the 'new customers only' thing works. And that there's a January Sale on too. There's a £70 BT Reward Card with the Superfast Fibre package too, and I certainly didn't expect to get that. The sale ends in 8 hours so maybe I should get in there and order it while I still can.  But it irks me enough to want to write this.

There are good reasons why someone has to be limited to BT Basic, evident from the conditions and qualifications, and it does seem, whatever way you look at it, a bit mean of BT to say that the only way out of BT Basic is to either leave BT altogether, or pay  3 times what you've been paying.

In fact I think it's downright weird. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do in the next 8 hours?





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Re: Not such goodwill to all men.

any offers you see in the press are for new customers and as you have BT basic you are an existing customer and therefore the offers do not apply to you

you can try the options teams as an existing customer and see if they can get you a better deal 0800800030.  They are uk based

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Re: Not such goodwill to all men.

Shop around and if you see a cheaper deal from another provider, take it.

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Re: Not such goodwill to all men.

Hi @mrbarty

Welcome back to the Community and thanks for posting.

I have sent you a private message 🙂



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