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ONT Location Query

Hello everyone.

I have an installation later this week and I'd prefer the ONT to be installed in an upstairs cupboard space. I believe it should be feasible but I just wanted to ask if I can expect this to be fine for the engineer or whether I should consider a different location.

My reason for being unsure about the suitability is due to the small area and the practicality of the engineer being able to operate the drill for the hole into the external wall. The external wall is rendered.

I have created a quick diagram to show the cupboard space which is 1m x 1m.

ONT LocationONT Location

Please let me know if you need any more details.

Thank you.


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Re: ONT Location Query

The install engineer will discuss the siting of the ONT with you. They usually place it wherever you want unless the is a good reason not to.


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Re: ONT Location Query

Looks OK, can’t envisage it’ll be a problem but as Pippin said the Installer will discuss it with you.

Although when they drill out through that rendered wall it’ll most likely make a big hole. 

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