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ONT/Smart hub connection

Hi Im switching from sky to BT as i have FITT - however the ont is located in the garage rather than understairs cupboard like all the other properties of same type built at the same time as my home.  I currently have my sky router patched through to undertsairs cupboard and the wifi is diabolical hence the switch however Im concerned that  to get the best wifi signal the router ( hub) has to be plugged directly into the ONT which as Ive said is currently in the garage ( behind two fridge freezers, the garage is also super insulated due to it being a new build and therefore all this blocks the wifi signal.  Will moving the ONT box to understairs rather than in the garage help with the wifi issue ?  Ive checked all my neighbours who are paying for different speeds ( much less than i was going to order) and they dont have any internet speed issues with it being understairs and the hub connected to the ont directly there.  If i order even top spec 900 mbs fibre without having the ONT moved am I still likely to have the same wifi issues?  The BT lady wasnt any help as all she said was i can buy boosters but theyll only guarantee 10mbs per room anyway ? which quite frankly isnt worth bothering with .  Has anyone else got their ONT in their garage with various electrical appliances in there and not got wifi issues if so how??  Thanks

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Re: ONT/Smart hub connection

The ONT has nothing to do with your wifi as it is your router that broadcast the wifi signal. So positioning the router in your home will give you the wireless connection. You can connect the router to the ONT with Ethernet cable up to 100m

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