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Re: Odd broadband behaviour.


and this is the part which to me makes no sense at all,

Hall phone would need to connect to phone socket on the front of the filter, or to existing terminals.

Other non-broadband connections (extensions) would stay connected to existing block behind faceplate.  Once you fit the filter plate, this block would become filtered so no broadband will go out on the extensions.”

why is the hall phone extension treated separately from the rest of the extensions.

all phones are surely  daisy chain , not all connected back to a central point / block maybe is the wording that makes this unclear.

So hall phone is just the first phone in the daisy chain of sockets , connected when plate pushed in.



incidentally, I’ve always pondered the filter at the master socket , in preference to the  filter at individual  phone sockets , as the phone and data run happily together as “Raw” all the way to the house in the first place. So if the house is correctly wired daisy chain sockets then using filtered phones must achieve the same as a pre-filter  for the entire house. It is after all just pass  filter in both cases.






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Re: Odd broadband behaviour.

Correct all extensions are daisy chained from the phone connection on the faceplate.

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Re: Odd broadband behaviour.


my thoughts too in some ways .

The raw data to the house is unfiltered and is this is what is fed to the data port using VDSL by red connection method.

So the phone connection  has the filter added at the source ( master socket) to restrict the  data signal .


What difference does it then make filtering the phone signal  at the outset ,  compared to just before the item.

By using dongle  filters  on phones, This would mean all wiring in the house is “raw” apart from the actual phone after the dongle filter.


Do they not achieve the same thing.


yeh the bodge tape star will go 😳

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Re: Odd broadband behaviour.

Fingers crossed, I’m fixed for the time being, a lot less line drops and holding good at about 47/9M.

A nice chap turned up and checked the noise on the quiet line test. ..not good but intermittent.

He then disappeared off to the pole opposite the house and worked his way back down the road to find a connection block quite a distance away, full of water underground that had not been sealed, he said he picked it up and water poured out of it. So I’ve probably sorted a few other folks problems up the road  too.

He’s left me a Mk4 VDSL box and an RJ11 socket  ( I already have a drum of cat5e solid core) so if it ever stops raining up here I can rewire the whole cct properly .


Thanks for everyone’s help on here , a good resource .


Ps I’ve also crawled underneath and sorted out my TV Ariel issue where by 2 telly sockets in two rooms didn’t work , when whoever installed the central heating and water cylinder , they placed the 210 litre water cylinder on top of 2 of the 6 cables , they were well squished!🙄 moving a full water tank is not easy 😡.

The  joys of moving house I suppose.


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