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Openreach MK4 VDSL Plate & NTE5C Socket - Connecting Extensions


I have a newly installed Openreach MK4 VDSL Plate & NTE5C Socket and I'm looking to add a phone extension, exclusively for telephone use, and a data extension, exclusively for VDSL use.

I have already run the cabling, a standard 4-pair telephone cable and a CAT5e cable for the VDSL extension.

I'm connecting the telephone extension cable to terminals 5, 3 and 2. I'll connect the CAT5e cable to the A and B terminals on the MK4 VDSL faceplate.

A few questions; what telephone socket will I require for the phone extension - a master or a slave socket? Internally what is the difference? Are the A and B terminals on the MK4 VDSL faceplate filtered, i.e. will I require a seperate filter at the extension socket or not? What socket can I install at the VDSL extension, I can't seem to find RJ11 sockets available - certainly not in the aesthetically pleasing range of electrical accessories I intend to install. If I end up installing a telephone socket for the VDSL extension will I need a filter?


Many thanks.

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Re: Openreach MK4 VDSL Plate & NTE5C Socket - Connecting Extensions

One cable would have sufficed for both, if at the same location.

The telephony only requires terminals 2 & 5 to be connected with a slave socket at the extension location.

The data extension terminals should be connected to an RJ11 socket at the VDSL extension location, not sure where you have looked but RJ11 faceplates are readily available.

A filter is not required, but if you fit a telephone extension socket you will need a conversion to RJ11.

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