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Openreach modem in a garage, slow WiFi at home


I have just moved into a new build and was quite surprised to find out that the Openreach modem was installed in an integrated garage. This means that I also have to keep my Smart Hub there which really affects the WiFi signal strength at home. Download speed in the garage is roughly 140 Mbps, at home it drops to 50 or less.

I have a socket right next to the modem in the garage but it only has a phone port, same with extension sockets around the house. I'm wondering what are my options if I wanted to keep router in the living room? Can I plug ADSL filter in the phone socket in the garage next to modem and then run ethernet cable from the modem to that filter instead of a router? Would I then be able to do the same in the living room - plug another ADSL filter in an extension socket there and connect router to that via an ethernet cable?

I don't know if that's even possible with the new fibre technology, I take if that's not going to work then my only other option (other than moving the modem itself which I don't want to do) is to somehow run a long ethernet cable from the garage to my living room so that I can connect modem to the router?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

modem in a garagemodem in a garage

socket in a garagesocket in a garage

socket in a living roomsocket in a living room

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Re: Openreach modem in a garage, slow WiFi at home


You can connect the home hub to the modem, either by running an Ethernet cable between the two locations, or by using a couple of high speed  powerline devices.

You may be able to modify the phone wiring and convert it to Ethernet, but you would have to identify each end, as you cannot connect Ethernet to  daisy chained  wiring.

Your developer has not made proper provision for this type of connection.

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Re: Openreach modem in a garage, slow WiFi at home

An ADSL  filter  is useless in your situation, but as already stated power line type adapters could be used to allow you to locate the router in the house rather than garage, or as you suggest a long Ethernet cable , or run a cat5 type cable and RJ45 sockets yourself ( probably easier to make unobtrusive than a long pre-made Ethernet cable  , converting your existing RJ11 phone sockets to Ethernet may be problematic, as the cable may not even be suitable .

I’ve seen a few FTTP installations in new builds where the builder has brought the OR duct to the garage wall and installed the internal ‘EZbend’ fibre cable inside the garage , thus determining when the OR ONT will be sited , but in those , the developer  had also provided an ‘Ethernet patch panel’ and associated Ethernet cable/sockets into other rooms in the property giving options to where the router could be sited.

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