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Opt Out of BT WiFi with FON

Having read up on the ame problem on here - I contacted the Live chat to inform that despite Never opting in and despite the thing saying 'Inactive' my wi-fii (which ironically lost connection during the chat) has both wifi-with fon and wifi-x on both 2.4 nd 5ghz channels. I explained this to the online chat specifically stating I had already gone to 'manage extras' to ensure I was opted out - but expected the lazy reply below, before the operator extremely rudely ended the chat - BT's online chat is the worst service possible.

Please would request you to pleas check would request you to please login to your mybt via and click on manage extras ,and after that you will find an option called (optout), you just need to click on that and your bt wifi with fon will be opted out I assure you that : Soumik - 19:55


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Re: Opt Out of BT WiFi with FON

you often find that opting back into BTFON and then out again gets it deactivated from hub. It can take couple of weeks though

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Re: Opt Out of BT WiFi with FON

Thanks, but do not want to take the chance. Amazed that this issue is so troublesome from reading other posts and B.T. don't seem bothered, Appalled t the online 'help' - let's cut and paste a 'solution' that you've been informed does not work - then rudely end the chat -
They would be sacked in the 'real world' the rest of us inhabit.
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