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Order upgrade delays

Hi all, not sure where to post this, I've ordered an upgrade back on the 19th March, our house already has fttp connection so I upgraded to Fibre100 from Superfast 1 as my husband now working from home.

The customer service advised that there will be an error on my confirmation email advising a wrong monthly charge but that it will send a correct one the next day after activation to detail the correct one of £39.99.

The activation was supposed to be on Monday the 23rd March however it has been delayed since. I haven't received any email to correct the monthly charge nor have they upgraded the connection. I have only received the new equipments.

I understand with covid19 there will be other priorities & delays. Now I have been charged as if I've never upgraded at all with an increased amount due to contract ended and my order is just showing as delayed so not sure if anyone's dealing with it at all.

Is there anyone who'd be able to help please? We already have the fttp & open reach box so no need for an engineer to come in to the house whatsoever. Thanks. 

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Re: Order upgrade delays

Ring the FTTP team. 0800 587 4787

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Re: Order upgrade delays

Thanks, I've rang them and they still can't get through to the department that does the upgrading. 

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