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Parental Control Suspension Timings

Hi All,

To my surprise, i couldn't get a proper response and no one from technical team takes the ownership of this issue reported.

I believe, it is very basic feature that any internet provider gives with very sophisticated solution for better parental control set up.  I wonder why and how BT didn't care to address this small, very basic but very critical needs of the broadband users till now. (is any other router support this feature ?  I have a Fibre 250 with BT Halo 3 )

My Issue is :

I am unable to set up parental control timing. I tried to set up parental control suspension between 21:00 - 11:00 (9pm night through 11am morning) every day.

I am getting following error message.  either i am missing something or this tool not fit for purpose.

If we can set only within a day, then how can we manage the other end of the timeline i.e, early morning or late night ?

It must be simple tech fix to remove time validation check for 'from time'  and 'to time'. or

change to 'enable parental control time '  instead of 'suspend parental control time ' 

as these change would solve the purpose. Also , not sure what is the use 'homework set up ' basically it's useless options offered but i think that can be used for secondary time set-up in addition to primary one for parental control set-up.

I need this request to be escalated/logged as incident/ticket to parental control tech team to address as soon possible as this greatly help the parents to control the internet and certain websites for certain times very efficiently.

Please find below screen shot and let me know how can i achieve this timing.




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Re: Parental Control Suspension Timings

Hi @venku_babu,

The cross day boundary time setting as a feature isn't currently supported. I'm taking this to our design and engineering team to take a look at, as we agree that this isn't a good experience.

Thank you

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