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Payment applied to closed account

Hi! I am posting on here to see if anyone can give me any advice. I have had two unsuccessful live chats and I keep getting hung up on when I call.


I have paid 2 bills on using my debit card. I have been cut off twice due to "unpaid bills."  After much discussion it has come to light that the payments have been paid to an old closed BT account (it still appears when I log on to my current BT account)

I was told by the chat agent that they can't move the payment and apply it to the correct account because the closed accounts are dealt with by someone else. ( Note: There was no money owing on the closed account.) I was then told to ring the bank, have them reverse the payments, then pay again.

The bank are reluctant to do this as the money has been paid to BT - they say they should be able to access it as it was paid on their website. They want detailed written proof from BT as to where the money has gone and why it needs to be reversed. 

Am I likely to get this? Its all feeling quite frustrating at the moment.

Any advice would be greatly received.



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Re: Payment applied to closed account

@Oliviatwist I'm sorry that hasn't been sorted when you've contacted customer services, we can raise a missing payment case to our accounting team to have the balance transferred over. I'll private message you now so you can get in touch with the moderation team.