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Peace of mind for you & your loved ones with Response Premium by Doro

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Response Premium by Doro is a new service that means that loved ones are just a button away.  

Doro phones are affordable devices with simple interfaces ideal for older or more vulnerable people.  They have the Response button, an assistance button that when pressed sends out an alert to chosen emergency contacts letting them know the user needs help.  Unlike other alert button services, Doro devices aren’t limited to home, so the service it goes wherever you do.

With the standard service, pushing the Response button will put the user in contact with their nominated emergency contacts.

With Response Premium by Doro, if emergency contacts aren’t available, the user is put straight through to Doro’s Alarm Receiving Centre that’s open 24/7, giving users and their loved ones the peace of mind knowing that wherever they are, whenever they need it, they can get help.  The Alarm Receiving Centre staff are specialised in remote assistance and healthcare and can offer help and reassurance or pass the call over to the emergency services if needed.

Set up of the service can be initiated from either the Doro phone by the Doro user or the lead emergency contact’s phone – usually a relative or carer.  To finalise set up and access Response Premium by Doro the relative or carer needs to sign up via the Response by Doro app on their iPhone or Android phone, which can be downloaded via the App Store or Google Play.

Once in the app, the relative or carer must follow the on-screen instructions and enter the 15-digit activation code (IMEI number) of their loved one’s Doro phone – this can be found on the box the Doro phone came in, near the barcode, or by entering *#06# on the Doro phone.  Finally, the relative or carer will need to provide payment details for when the one-month free offer is over.

With BT, Doro Response Premium will cost £15 a month.  You can find out more from this link, What is Response by Doro and how does it work?