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Persistently Slow Broadband Speeds

Hope someone can shed some light on this. 

for the past few months, I’ve been getting very slow broadband speeds on my FTTC, fluctuating between several hundred kbps and 3mbps (usually 45+) 


makes no difference if it’s Wi-Fi, Ethernet, phone, computer, time of day it’s always still slow


tried all the usual tricks of resetting the router, trying the line checker but no luck.

The land line works fine and the hub (HH6) seems to be operating okay.

does anyone have any ideas?  

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Re: Persistently Slow Broadband Speeds

Can you post hub stats and result from dslchecker.

Have you tried using the test socket with a filter to see if that helps?


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Re: Persistently Slow Broadband Speeds

Hi @Nath17,

Thank you for posting. I'm sorry if you're not happy with the speed of your connection.

If you can post the router stats as suggested by @imjolly, this will help to give us an indication of how your connection is performing and when the problem might be.

If you are using the BT Smart hub you can get your connection stats by, Opening a new web browser on your connected device and type or bthomehub.home into the address bar. This will open the Hub Manager.  Click Advanced Settings’ and then ‘Technical log’.



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