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Personalised offer page error

Sorry , We’re sorry we can’t show you any personalised offers here at the moment. Please don’t try to call us unless you really need to. Our call centres are very busy and we’re prioritising helping our vulnerable customers and those most in need. We appreciate your patience. In the meantime, there’s lots you can do to manage your account online.


Anyone else get this error when checking out Personal deals available to existing customers. Trying to check what upgrade deals are available. This error page has appeared since joining BT. Been with BT for over a year now. Would think offers would be available now to entice me to stay with BT.

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Re: Personalised offer page error

There are other posts like yours if you had used search facility

you can phone the options team who are dealing with contract renewals and see what you can negotiate 0800800030

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Re: Personalised offer page error

Thanks for the info. Just it would have been good to have been able to do this all online. As lines are very busy just now which I understand.

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Re: Personalised offer page error

You'll get a better deal over the phone.

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Re: Personalised offer page error

Cheers, will persevere with calling them.

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