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Phishing emails

Many suspect emails presented as if from McAfee and or Norton.  I have tried with reporting to McAfee and the to report Phishing emails. No joy.  With bt web mail is there any action stop them, other than "mark as spam and block sender"?

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Re: Phishing emails

Hi @Simsm, welcome to the forum, these emails are very common at the moment. Please forward the emails to then delete them.



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Re: Phishing emails

I'm now getting several per day like that.

I've set up my own rules to filter out the ones that start with subjects such as:

FINAL REMINDER: Your McAFfee-Anti-Virus has been successfully updated

Note the misspelling of McAfee, which seems quite common.

I do keep marking these as spam, so I am wondering how long it takes for the spam filters to learn? 

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Re: Phishing emails

Advised to forward phishing emails to then delete mail. I have sent all to bt, marked as spam and block sender then deleted. The mails were from a list of random letters and numbers followed by The latest are still the list of randon letters and numbers but now followed by @then another list of randon numbers. Should I now report to bt then mark as spam and block domain then delete?  I guess at least 3 mails per day is a normal amount and its annoying. 

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Re: Phishing emails

I had seen your message earlier but did not have a reply for it. Now I would say that the sender is computer generator list that is changed regularly because when I mark as spam and block sender another computer generated sender name takes its place. That is the way I see it works.

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Re: Phishing emails

I am getting more than 3 a day now.  The latest batch are now coming from the following address format:


Unfortunately, because there is a random string of characters after the @ symbol, blocking the domain doesn't help as it's different every time.  So I've had to set up yet another new filter to block anything coming from email addresses ending

I appreciate that this is not an easy problem to solve, but it is becoming increasingly tiresome having to set up my own filters as BT's are just not up to the job at the moment.

Interestingly, if I forget to check my webmail before opening my email client (Outlook), more often than not, these ones that are getting though BT's spam filters ARE being recognised by Outlook and getting diverted to the spam folder in the email client.

So perhaps BT needs to get some advice from Microsoft as whatever rules they are applying within Outlook are currently more effective than BT's own ones. 


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Re: Phishing emails

Thank you, appreciated.

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