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Phone Calls

I had a call from a subscription I pay for with learn 2 trade and they stated that my phone only rings twice before going to voicemail, and a few other businesses have said the same thing, is this a setting with BT when businesses call?

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Re: Phone Calls

Are you sure it is not a setting you have made on your phone/answering service ?

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Re: Phone Calls

Hi @Trader1987 if you have the call minder calling feature you can adjust the number of rings by following these instructions.

  1. Dial 1571 to access the Call Minder main menu
  2. Press 2 for Personal options
  3. Press 3 for Calling options
  4. Once the phone has told you the current setting, press 1 to keep the setting or 2 to change the setting
  5. If changing, press the number matching your setting from the table below


Setting Rings Seconds 1571 Option
Immediate 0 0 0
Short 4 12 1
Medium/normal setting 7 21 2
Long 10 30 3



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Re: Phone Calls

@Trader1987  Are you a business user?

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