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Planet Radio service on Sonos

The Planet Radio service is failing intermittently on my Sonos speaker system.

Preliminary finding from Sonos support is that the issue arises only when ISP is BT.

Have others experienced this issue?

Is it a known issue?

Thank you.

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Re: Planet Radio service on Sonos

Could it be as a result of this long running legal dispute

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Re: Planet Radio service on Sonos

Thanks for the suggestion - but no. The problem I have is with Planet Radio's own service that can be accessed from within Sonos. This service allows listeners to use premium services (no ads!). I can listen to Planet stations via TuneIn (on Sonos) without a problem but it doesn't provide access to the premium service.
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Re: Planet Radio service on Sonos


It would appear to be a UK streaming rights issue and not isolated to BT internet.

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Re: Planet Radio service on Sonos

Thanks again, Nigel. I am pretty sure that mine is a technological issue. I first accessed the Planet Radio service (via Sonos) a week ago and on most days I eventually manage to connect. But each connection involved multiple attempts made over several hours. Planet is the only service under the Sonos umbrella that is causing me this problem. A sample of Sonos staff tried to recreate the problem and that preliminary test pointed to a possible link to BT. Sonos suggested I contact BT to find out if it is a known issue. Thanks again.
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