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Please please pass on my thanks

Hi BT,

I just wanted to let you know that today I experienced something I never thought I would see.

My little brother was being picked upon by a group of boys due to his "ethnic beliefs and colour of his skin"

That was until one of your staff members stepped him and helped him to get to me safe and sound. Hardip is a very nervous as it is and this was his first time at going to town and allowed to walk on his own.

The man who helped him to get to me didn't want to give his name as he said he was doing "what any decent person would do" but after I had insisted I got his name as Don.

I know this isn't BT related as I'm not a BT customer but I just wanted you to know what Don has done today because this could have been far worse if he had not been there.

Don thank you so so much.

Ismail and Hardip Khan

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Re: Please please pass on my thanks

I realise in my sending of this I didn't mention where this was, it took place in Swansea in the city centre.
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Re: Please please pass on my thanks

Hi @KhanIsmail,

I am so sorry that your little brother had to experience what he did. No one should ever have to go through that. I hope Hardip isn't put off by what happened.

Thank you for telling us about Don. Are you ok if I send you a private message so I can try and find out some more information about him?



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Re: Please please pass on my thanks

Feel free to message me on here yes.
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