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Poor Communication.

In January 2020 I contacted By with a  view to cancelling my TV package. I was at the time on Broadband Landline and a TV package totalling £49.99 per month.

I was advised the earliest I could cancel my TV was 24th of Feb but I could renew my Broadband then and there at the same price keeping my discount, and that it would start on 25th of March for 2 years at £29.99.

I agreed planned to call back on 24th of Feb to cancel.  I didn't managed to call back until early March where I was told that whatever I had done was incorrect, I had been I'll advised and it would need to be re done, however the operative I spoke to said he would call the next day to sort things out.  

Next day came and went and I recieved no call.  I called back a third time and was advised by a different operative that I could no nothing until the 25th of March however it wouldn't be an issue to go with what I was advised back on January.

I called back on 25th of March made the necessary changed so I was now on Broadband landline only at £29.99 a month.

Imagine my annoyance when my bill, dated 23rd of March is £57 because my discounts had expired on my old account.  

I have tried 4 times since January to change my account before the end of the discount expiry date, and been fobbed off by incompetent people.  

I spent 75 minutes trying to get through yesterday without answer.  How do I resolve this. 


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