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Poor internet & Lag spikes


Wondering if anyone could help me with the issues that we have been experiencing for months now with our broadband. We've recently moved into our new house, and immediately went for bt as we had no issue with the broadband at our previous property, we had full fiber, 100+ download and 30+upload. When we arranged to have bt installed into our new property, the max speeds we could get was 20 download and 5 upload, which we just had to accept until full fiber was available in this area. 

First couple of months we had no issues with my partner gaming on his gaming pc (ethernet cable), and with me watching tv through our amazon firestick at the same time. Now, we can't do both at the same time without it causing major lag issues for my partner whilst gaming or my movie/tv show completely freezing. Every night now, my partner is experiencing massive high ping issues whilst gaming & if we decide to watch a movie together instead, feels like we spend the whole night waiting for it to buffer. 

We have logged two faults with bt, and are told someone would contact us in 30days to discuss the issue, no one has yet been in contact, so we decided to call them to see if we can get to the bottom of it, to be basically told everything seems fine, you'll just have to wait till we have full fiber available in your area. 

We are not even getting the download speeds as promised, its constantly changing and being very inconsistent, I will attach picture links below. We don't want to cancel our broadband deal as we've always been with bt in our family homes. Has anyone had these same issues and managed to get solve them / get them fix? Has anyone got any other suggestions we can do without cancelling broadband?

Thank you in advance!

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Re: Poor internet & Lag spikes

welcome to the BT community forum where customers help customers and only BT employees are the forum mods

in order for the forum members to help please can you post the stats from your router (if hub enter in your browser) and if  HH5 then go to troubleshooting then helpdesk and if HH6/SH2 then advanced settings then technical log information . 

Have you tried the quiet line test? - dial 17070 option 2 - should hear nothing - best done with a corded phone. if cordless phone you may hear a 'dull hum' which is normal

The speeds quoted by BT are connection speeds to your router/hub and not download/upload speeds to your device 

enter your phone number and post results  remember to delete number


Someone may then be able to offer help/assistance/suggestions to your problem

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Re: Poor internet & Lag spikes

is this the information that you needed?

& we're unable to doing the quiet line test as we dont have a home phone, we just use our mobiles

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