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Poor quality?

I've had my new BT connection about a week now, s early days but I have to say coming from Virgin it's quite a difference, ping seems high and there are noticeable lags in internet across most devices.  

I put a broadband monitor via Thinkbroadband on the line and it shows constant dropped packets, this can't be right as I doubt the internet would work at all.  The signal level looks good, so I wondered if there was anything else I can do to improve it? I suppose for wait for it to settle another week.

Information.jpgThinkbroadband monitorThinkbroadband monitor

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Re: Poor quality?


Its most likely line errors.

Is there any noise on your phone calls? Dial 17070 and select option 2, there should be no noise between the announcements.

Also make sure you run any packet tests over an Ethernet connection and not wireless.

Make sure that Smart Setup is turned off as well.

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Re: Poor quality?

as you have a hub 6 then I would also split the wireless networks and select channels manually

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Re: Poor quality?

The hub does not respond to ICMP requests as BT consider it a security risk. You BB qual meter will always show red due to this.