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Re: Praise a BT employee

Hi @jannylynn 

Welcome and thanks for your post!

I sent you a private message a few moments ago.  Reply back to me when you have the chance and we will take it from there.



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Re: Praise a BT employee

Hi I’d like to praise an employee I recently spoke with over facebook messenger and then over the phone, how would I go about doing this?

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Re: Praise a BT employee

Hi @toni121 welcome to the community and thanks for posting, that's great we work in the same office as the social media team, well we did before home working became the norm and will be happy to pass on your thanks. I'll send you a private message so you can get in touch. 

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Re: Praise a BT employee

Still no means to praise an employee!  

I wrote to the company in general about this, and to the CEO in person and had no reply from either.  It's almost sinister that praise of this nature is not encouraged.


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Re: Praise a BT employee

Best way for them to gain the praise 


and you to praise the would be knowing the date and name of the advisor you could ring BT again and when the agent passes you through security they can see every BT agent who’s been on the account. She’ll be there if you have a date, name and even potential department (in this case you mentioned loyalty) you can ask the agent to email them or offer feedback in the form of an email even cc’ing her manager in

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