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Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi SGAB208224 problems

I have 2 sets of 3 Premium Whole Home discs, purchased back in June 2020.

Due to the layout of my house, I use 5 of these 6 discs, to ensure a good signal from one side to the other.

Up until this new firmware release everything has been fine - a restart being needed every 3 months or so.

(I know you could say in this regard I'm lucky that I had very few problems with the old firmware, compared to others on this forum)

However, since the SGAB208224 update I now have to restart the network at least twice a day. 

Discs either drop off the network or devices (google home hub, phone, plugs) lose their connection and then won't reconnect, with the only option being a restart. 

I've performed a factory reset of all the discs as recommended after a firmware update like this.

I'm going to try swapping the primary set (the ones that have the connection to the router and that I add first when setting up) for the secondary set, but beyond this I don't know what else to try.




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Re: Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi SGAB208224 problems

Hi @wards999 

Thanks for highlighting your problems with the new firmware.

We'd like to help work out what is happening here as we have not had similar reports since the new firmware was released.

Please can you contact the helpdesk - and this will be passed to the technical team to check. We'll need you to share the advanced logs while you are experiencing the problem so we can understand what is happening.



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Re: Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi SGAB208224 problems

I am also having issues with the new firmware.

My four disc setup had been working fine (albeit without the backhaul functionality) but became unreliable last week which was when I noticed that their firmware had been updated.

I have had to restart the network several times over the past week and iPlayer now buffers and drops out regularly on a TV connected wirelessly to one of the discs even though all discs report an excellent connection.

This morning the whole network was down and when I restarted it the disc that that TV connects too was reporting "Incompatible Firmware" so I have performed a factory reset on all discs and started again but things are still no better.

Is there a way to go back to the previous version of firmware please?

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Re: Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi SGAB208224 problems

You can by using the web gui. If you append /rollback.htm to the address of your primary disc, you get to a page where can initiate a firmware check to see what previous version you can rollback to. If your system's been up more than 7 days, you may need to restart it before the firmware check will work. Do remember to turn off auto firmware update. I would also recommend that you don't login to the app with your admin password otherwise it gets stuck on a page to upgrade the firmware and you cant access any of the other features. 

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Re: Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi SGAB208224 problems

Thanks Marcel.

None of the catch-up apps were working on any of my televisions but I have now rolled back the firmware as per your instructions and everything has been working perfectly for several days.

It's annoying not to be able to log into the app as administrator as so little of the functionality is available without doing so but it's a small price to pay for having a working network.

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Re: Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi SGAB208224 problems

From my side I'm continuing to monitor the situation with the new firmware, but great to know that the rollback option works well @richardar1969 (and thanks for the suggestion @Marcel )


What I've noticed so far is that it seems the 2.4ghz devices have a problem first. 


I'll restart the network and things like smart bulbs are the first to stop working, even if they are in the same room as a Whole Home disc. The 5ghz devices continue to work fine.

Then, after a while, various Whole Home discs stop working as well, but they often continue to appear in the app / webpage and show their uptime increasing on a subsequent check, so they're not completely dead.  Sometimes they'll accept a 'restart network' request, other times they need to be phsyically restarted.


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Re: Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi SGAB208224 problems

For example, right now, the network is working and all existing connected devices are running correctly, however it's not accepting new connections - my iPad is saying 'No Internet Connection' and my phone tells me 'Couldn't get IP address' but the Whole Home browser page is showing all discs are present and available.



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