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Re: Premium & Whole Home Wi-Fi 6 SGAB/C20832C Early Adopter now live

Right, I don't want to jinx it, but I think my struggle and frustration with these disks rebooting multiple times every hour was due to the data usage statistics taking up too much system resources.

I cleared all the data usage statistics via the Whole Home Wi-Fi Android mobile app and since then I haven't had a single reboot on any of my 5 x WiFi 6 discs in the past 2 hours - a major achievement! (I have been awake for the past 24 hours trying to find a way of fixing this).


I would like to see if BT can explore the following options in their next software/ firmware update:

1) A toggle option in the app to disable data usage collection entirely

2) Have a feature in the app to purge data usage statistics automatically after a certain amount of time (cron job)

3) Look at either running the data collection as a lower priority process or allocating more system resources  for this task


Below is the link to the post by Sean discussing this issue. In my case, discs would reboot (purple LED) multiple times an hour.


Problem with Whole Home Wi-Fi? Please read this fi... - BT Community

  1.  Premium Whole Home: Primary Disc Flashing Blue or Going Red:-
  • We are aware of an issue whereby the Data Usage feature has an impact on the system’s memory use and in some cases causes the device to become unstable.  In this scenario the disc with the issue may exhibit a flashing blue or permanent red LED status.


I have performed the following and the Discs still remain stable so far:

a) I have re-enabled "legacy steering" (http://btwhole.home/2.0/gui/steering.htm/)
b) I have switched back over to a 160 Mhz backhaul bandwidth

I was ready to throw in the towel and go back to my Netgear Orbi system but not anymore. If anyone experiences the same issues as me with very frequent reboots then please try to clear the data usage statistics from the mobile app and see if this resolves the issue.

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Re: Premium & Whole Home Wi-Fi 6 SGAB/C20832C Early Adopter now live

All BT WiFi 6 discs still going strong. No reboots in over 17 hours 😁



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Re: Premium & Whole Home Wi-Fi 6 SGAB/C20832C Early Adopter now live

439EFB6A-EE69-4DFC-BAF4-735B21158DE7.jpegGood news…. Since changing my lease time to the max on my ASUS RT-AC87U I’ve managed 2 days so far - However, my 3rd disc is now daisy chaining off a remote disc not the primary so has dropped to a ‘Good’ connections aka slow 😩


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Re: Premium & Whole Home Wi-Fi 6 SGAB/C20832C Early Adopter now live

If using the mibile app find smart topology in advanced network settings.

This should change in theory your issue.

Hope this helps, please report back if the infinite command has helped over the coming weeks.

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Re: Premium & Whole Home Wi-Fi 6 SGAB/C20832C Early Adopter now live

I think my last post jinxed it…😡 all disc’s have since reset multiple times since yesterday, longest up time between reset has so far been 8 hours mostly the primary disc.. but have gone back to star configuration so hey, one positive….  Btw… still on 822C 

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Re: Premium & Whole Home Wi-Fi 6 SGAB/C20832C Early Adopter now live

My discs started restarting multiple times yesterday too.

Currently testing with guest wifi turned off, extended 21 day DHCP lease pool on BT SH2, and clearing the data usage stats via the mobile app.

All 5 x discs have been up for 16 hours now. Not going to make any more changes unless I really have to. Going to try and just wait to see how long this run of no reboots lasts.
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Re: Premium & Whole Home Wi-Fi 6 SGAB/C20832C Early Adopter now live

I've just updated to C20832C after speaking to the helpdesk. I was at the end of my tether with C208326.

Since installing C208326, I have had nothing but problems. I have been away for the last week, leaving my two adult sons in the house. With the Wifi constantly crashing and changing its SSID (from the one I set to the factory default), I lost connectivity to my home security, ring cameras, heating, 20+ Smart plugs along with laptops, tablets and mobiel phones etc.. Fortunately, some things such as the TVs are hard wired. As you can imagine, my sons weren't happy and not being at home, there was nothing I could do to sort out the problems remotely.

I ran factory resets several times after installing C208326, but still the discs constantly crashed. I got home yesterday and ran factory resets twice, before giving up. I was receiving errors such as firmware incompatible (on one disc), new network (set up yet again), SSID changing and many more. 

Since buying these discs I have spent tens of hours trying to get them to work properly. The firmware prior to C208326 seemed ok (ish), but C208326 wouldn't stay up for an hour!

This beta update seems to have fixed the problem (so far), although I had to connect via the btwhole.home web interface as the app wouldn't connect. After upgrading the network, the Android App still failed to connect (asking me to set up the network again). As I am nervous to go through yet another set up, I deleted and reinstalled the Android app and signed up for the BETA on that too.... The app still failed to connect to my (already configured) discs.

So in the end, I turned off two of the three discs, ran through setup for the master disc alone (as though there was only one disc on the network) and after completing the single disc set up I turned on the other two discs. This allowed me to connect via the app and rename the discs.

After 10 hours of trying to sort this bunch of Cr*p out, I finally seem to have all my devices connected on my chosen SSID. I am now hoping that the whole lot doesn't crash yet again..... I am so close to putting a hammer through all of these discs and buying something from Asus instead (which I now wished I had done in the first place).

Come on BT, sort this product out once and for all, or give us our money back!

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Re: Premium & Whole Home Wi-Fi 6 SGAB/C20832C Early Adopter now live

They gave me my money back and I now have a TP-Link VR600 router and eero 6 WiFi mesh system. I'm still a BT customer and very happy with BT broadband, reliable 67mbps and no random reboots since I no longer use BT hardware.

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Re: Premium & Whole Home Wi-Fi 6 SGAB/C20832C Early Adopter now live

Thanks @tonyw1 
I'm an ex BT employee & loyal BT customer (also very happy with their broadband service), but my experience with these BT discs is so bad, I'm forced to look elsewhere 😞

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Re: Premium & Whole Home Wi-Fi 6 SGAB/C20832C Early Adopter now live

Update on my situation

All of my 5 x discs are behaving. Uptime is over 3 days and no disconnects. Was having a complete nightmare before with discs restarting frequently. Seems very stable now. I don't know whether the changes I made helped or whether it's just randomly fixed itself.

1) I am using the BT Whole Home Wi-Fi BETA app
2) I Increased the DHCP lease time on the BT Smart Hub 2 to 21 days
3) Deleted data usage logs in the app
4) I have two of the discs directly connected via Ethernet cable in order to enable the "Performance Network" for higher speeds (the app states you must have at least 2 discs hard wired in order to enable this feature)

On my wife's Surface Go 2 (which has a WiFi-6 adapter), while connected to this "Performance Network", I was getting speeds of ~ 815 Mbps which is impressive. If I am connected to the standard Wi-Fi network than I get 500 - 600 Mbps speeds.